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About Schools

Guildford, England

We are a state funded Church of England junior school in the centre of Guildford and have recently embarked on a Hard Federation with Pewley Down Infant School, who will therefore be fully involved in the project.  We have a higher than average number of children with special educational needs.  We aim to take a full part in the project, with as many children as possible to be involved and to give the opportunity to a range of staff or governors to visit partner countries.  We have experience of previous Comenius projects and also have the full International School Award so are fully committed to global education and creating meaningful links with partner schools.  

Aguilar de Campoo, Spain
San Gregorio school is placed in the north of Spain. Our town is called Aguilar de Campoo, its population is about 7.000 habitants, most of them work in the two important biscuits factories. The sourrounding area is really beautiful from the natural and enviromental point of view.
About the school, we have three sections: Infant, Primary and High school. In Primary school we are about 240 students and 16 teachers. Among our students we have some emigrants from different countries: Paraguay, Romania and China. We also have a Bilingual section, we teach Science and Arts & Crafts through English as well as we teach English languages lessons. Our educational philosophy is "to work with the last ones in our society", so we have some students with specific educacional need, and another ones also with specific social needs.
Our main aim to join in this project is to develop the European atmosphere in our pupils, families, teachers and in the local area. Also we also hope to develop the languages skills in our school community.

You can contact us through our e-mail accounts:

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Project General Guidelines


  • To know about other cultures and people despite they live far away from us they have the same interests than us.
  • To take the advantage of the net to broaden our classrooms.
  • To develop creativity and imagination to elaborate their own products.
  • To work on a collaborative work using the advantages of the net.
  • To discover the different Mass Media which are around them (newspaper, radio and television).
  • To work as a person on the media, journalist, presenter, interviewer, narrator….
  • To create a Mass Media group with a radio, television and a newspaper.


  • SEPTEMBER: We will create the blog in which the Project will be run and open the Twinspace for the Project. Also it will be time to explain to school, students and families about the different task of the project.  We will use blogger the same for both schools and at the begginning only teachers will be register in the Twinspace.

  • OCTOBER: Presentation of the different students and teachers. It will be one presentation of each school and it would be uploaded into the blog in the section REPORTERS. The presentation will include basic data as name, birth date, likes, hobbies, etc….
  • NOVEMBER: We will created the eTwinning Times a newspaper in which each group of student should write a piece of news. There are some conditions for each piece of news:
    • There are different sections so it should be included in one of each sentences.
    • It sould have a title, text and a couple of photos.
    • It should be a GOOD new.
  • DECEMBER: Christmas celebration. There are going to be a couple of events to celebrate Christmas together: 
    • Hangout singing different Christmas carols. 
    • Christmas postcards one-to-one.

  • JANUARY: First Exchange, Students from San Gregorio School will go to Holy Trinity School from the 16th to the 20th.
  • FEBRUARY: Research about the use of Media. The students will create forms to investigate about the use of media of their collegues, the teachers, their parents. There will be time to compare the obtained data in each country.
  • MARCH: Time for radio, the students will create podcast in which they will interview “special people”. The podcast should have the appearence of a radio program: music for the cover, introduction, program, music for ending. It would be upload into the blog for the project.
  •  APRIL: Time for television. The students will create a TV show about cultural things. It could be also a show which is in televisión at the moment and the kids want to reply. It would be uploaded to the blog of the project.
  • MAY: Time for television. The students will create a News Program, this time the pieces of news will be about the things that would have happened in the project along the school year. It would be a great momento to review what we would have done along the project.  During this month it will take place the second part of the Exchange from the 22nd to the 26th of May. Holy Trinity School will visit San Gregorio School.

  • We will assess this project from two different points of view: 
    • Assessment of the project: We will check if we have achieved the aims of the project. Also we will ask families, teachers and students implied in the project. 
    • Assessment of the activities of the project: Each activity will be evaluated by the teachers using a rubric.